New Italian bike tour offers rolling road closures and chance to see Giro
Three-day ride for enthusiasts takes in the northern lakes

A new bike tour in Italy next year will provide enthusiast riders with rolling road closures and finish with the opportunity to watch the finale of the Giro d’Italia.

The event offers three days of challenging riding around the Great Lakes of northern Italy, with a fleet of motorbike outriders and lead cars guiding the peloton and providing a rolling road closure.

The first day’s ride is 79.5 miles (127km), the second is 66.8 miles (107km), and the third is 73 miles (117km). Highlights of the trip include riding alongside Lake Como and Lake Lugano, and stopping at the Madonna del Ghisallo, the legendary hill that’s home to a church dedicated to the patroness of cycling, and a cycling museum.

Riders will fly out to Milan on 25 May, spend three days in the saddle, and then get the chance to watch the Giro finish in Milan on 29 May. The final day is a 20.5 mile (32.8km) individual time trial, so if the standings are close it’ll be exciting viewing.

The cost of the Giro d’Italia tour is £949, which includes accommodation and most meals. The event is run by Freedom Tours, a new name although it is actually part of the logistics force behind some UK-France sportives including Cycle2Cannes, Pedal to Paris and Londres-Paris.com.

Find more details and register at www.freedomtours.org.uk.

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skippy [408 posts] 4 years ago

Sounds like fun but whether i win the "Red Allez currently on offer" i will be too busy riding the Giro route for the 13th season to publicise "Adaptive/Disabili?Physically Challenged sport"!