'Mow 'em down' shock-jock faces the wrath of Lance...

Lance Armstrong is set to give US sports radio show host Tony Kornheiser a hard ride after agreeing to appear in the wake of Kornheiser's 'run 'em down!' comments aimed at cyclists.

Armstrong called Kornheiser 'a f- idiot' after the blabbermouth sounded off at cyclists on his ESPN radio show this week. Among other things, he called for drivers to kill cyclists, saying: “I swear to you, it’s all you can do to not run them down! Like Wile E. Coyote! Run ‘em over! Get the hell out of my way.”

Predictably, Lance wasn't happy and Tweeted his disgust thus: “Listening to Tony Kornheiser's comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.”

Armstrong's comments galvanised the cycling Twitterati into action and by Thursday afternoon, Kornheiser had apologised to Lance, and has booked him for today's show.

Armstrong confirmed the apology via Twitter: “..just off the phone w/ Tony Kornheiser who's very sorry 4 his comments re: cyclists. Going on the show 2morrow 2 discuss this w/ him.

“To me this is all about a relationship. It's bikes and cars. Both will be here forever. Awareness needs to exist as well as mutual respect.”

ESPN has since taken down Kornheiser's broadcast with the cyclist comments from its website. We look forward to Kornheiser eating dirt as he grovels before the seven-times Tour de France champion. Possibly.


NickInBath [42 posts] 7 years ago

Mr Kornheiser was only saying in extreme form what many drivers are thinking so by acting as a lightning rod he is really doing us a huge favour by drawing all this er...lightning on himself. I'm guessing that Mr Armstrong will achieve with Mr Kornheiser what often happens when a reasonable, rational person who happens to be a cyclist gets the opportunity to explain what it's all about to a certain kind of motorist. Only here this all-too-rare opportunity will be played out in front of millions and at least some of them will be a little more educated at the end of it. The role of Shakespeare's Fool wasn't just to amuse the gormless mob down at the front - it was also to say the unsayable for the benefit of the gormless-who-like-to-think-they're-a-bit-clever in the posh seats. Nevertheless, I would still throw a big wet rotting cabbage at Mr Kornheiser's head.