The comic hints at Team Sky's bikes...

by jimmythecuckoo   September 7, 2009  

Pinarello Dogma back end

Cycling weekly has been strongly hinting that despite rumours Giant would be the bike of choice for Team Sky, Pinarello will be getting the gig.

Here is a link to their photo showing the team coloured bike...

And what a lovely bit of gear it is too.

The blue, the white, the lovely shapes of the Dogma... Its all too much for me, I am off for a lie down.




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Pinarello certainly manage to make their bikes look distinctive. Personally, I think they're just about the fugliest available!

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1403 posts]
7th September 2009 - 17:02


Have to agree they are not the prettiest bikes. If I was shopping high end would not be on my list.

demoff's picture

posted by demoff [344 posts]
9th September 2009 - 17:04


yep, im with both of you on that one..looks like Salvador Dali has snuck into there R&D dept.

Fringe's picture

posted by Fringe [1092 posts]
9th September 2009 - 20:58


Must be just me that likes them then!!!

jimmythecuckoo's picture

posted by jimmythecuckoo [1330 posts]
10th September 2009 - 9:53


I like them. I wouldn't actually ride one but they're the epitome of italian extravagance...

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7745 posts]
10th September 2009 - 10:11