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Swiss Side launches versatile Hadron2 All-Road wheelset that can take up to 65mm tyres

45mm deep aero rims still appear on these wheels that are designed to take on poor quality roads

Swiss Side has released the new Hadron2 All-Road wheelset with an “aerodynamic yet robust design and wider rims” for performing on any type of road cycling surface. 

2022 Swiss Side Hadron2 All-Road wheelset  Isaak Papadopoulos 2
Isaak Papadopoulos

“Not just in road racing but also for general road cycling, poor quality roads, cobblestones and off-road sections require a robust wheel with a wider rim, compatible with wide tyres,” Swiss Side points out.

2022 Swiss Side Hadron2 All-Road wheelset  Isaak Papadopoulos
Isaak Papadopoulos

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The new Hadron2 All-Road disc-brake option completes Swiss Side’s wheel model lineup that now covers all aspects of cycling. Also in the Hadron2 line is the Ultimate series which are Swiss Side’s top end aero performance wheels, while the Classic series uses identical aero rims to the Ultimate but with more cost efficient DT Swiss 370 hubs and heavier gauge aero spokes for aero wheels at a more affordable price. 

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“We needed a specific wheel model to satisfy the demands of racing in the spring classics, for mastering any type of road surface from the brutal cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix to the smoother high-speed road section in between,” says Swiss Side. “The Hadron2 All-Road is the answer to this challenge, and a true all-road terrain wheel for road cycling.”

Swiss Side doesn’t recommend using tyres greater than 28mm on the Ultimates and 30mm on the Classics. 

2022 Swiss Side Hadron2 All-Road wheelset detail

Whereas, with the 22mm internal rim width on the Hadron2 All-Road, Swiss Side says this allows for use with a wide range of tyres from 25mm to 65mm, to fully cater for all road cycling possibilities; although Swiss Side says its recommended tyre width range for this wheel is 28-34mm. 

“The hook construction of the rim makes sure the tyre sits securely without limitation on the range of operating tyre pressures,” Swiss Side adds.

Not only have these been built for tackling poor road surfaces, the 45mm deep rims have been aerodynamically optimised for reduced drag and high stability in the wind.

The wheels come in at a claimed weight of 1,528g, with the front wheel tipping the scales at 705g, and the rear at 823g. 

2022 Swiss Side Hadron2 All-Road wheelset  hub 2

The wheels are built with the latest DT Swiss 240 hubs with the Ratchet EXP 36 system, that is claimed to have an increased bearing lifetime thanks to the increased bearing distance.  

2022 Swiss Side Hadron2 All-Road wheelset hub

“The hollow-machined ratchets transfers the energy invested directly into acceleration thanks to the 36 teeth,” DT Swiss also says.

Available now, the new Hadron2 All-Road wheelset costs €1,679, that’s around £1,416. 

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