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Chater-Lea release first chainsets since the early 1960s with new sub-compact Grand Tour model

“We hope you will find them worth waiting for”

Inspired by the original Grand Tour, the new designs keep the classic styling and materials while embracing the modern sub-compact double gearing of 46/30 along with two 1X chainring options.

It's not often that a product goes more than 50 years without even a small redesign. But with British marque company Chater-Lea being re-launched in 2019, the Grand Tour chainset has finally been given a refresh, though much of the features and materials used remain just as they were back in't day.

2020 Chater-Lea Grand Tour Chainset 7

After folding during the 1950s decline of the British cycling industry, Chater-Lea reappeared a few years ago and the company is now slowly building up its range of components with the chainsets adding to a flat pedal.

Incorporating the 'C' and 'L' of Chater-Lea into the outer chainring’s spider, the chainsets are beautiful, with the elegant design offering something a bit special for a retro bike build.

Available in a sub-compact 46/30T or single-ring setup with either a 40 or 36 tooth 1X chainring, the system has been updated to work with 9/10 and 11-speed chains and Chater-Lea says that the chainsets “can be used in conjunction with modern as well as traditional drivetrains.”

2020 Chater-Lea Grand Tour Chainset 10

While the chainrings now fit modern systems, the materials used in the chainsets are traditional. The crank arms are constructed using anodised 7050 T7451 aluminium while 7075 is used for the chainrings. 316 stainless steel is used for the nuts, bolts, dust caps and shift pins, all of which can be left raw or finished with this lovely PVD coating.

2020 Chater-Lea Grand Tour Chainset 11

Thankfully the Grand Tour cranksets don’t continue to use cotter pins as was often the case, preferring the JIS square taper bottom bracket standard. The new crankset requires a spindle length of 113mm and has a Q factor of 142mm.

Chater-Lea says that “every component including crank arms, chainrings, pins, and fixings are proudly made in Britain using the finest materials.”

While you can currently register your interest, we haven’t got a price or availability date which Chater-Lea says hasn't been finalised yet.

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