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Video First Look: Topeak Ninja P

Hide away your mini-pump in the seatpost.

If you don’t get a lot of punctures, you might not remember to stick a mini pump in your pocket for every ride. But what happens for that one time you puncture, with no pump? Well, there might just be a way to make sure you never forget. Just hide a Topeak Ninja P in your seatpost.

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I’ll start off by stating that I recognise the limitations of the Ninja P. Di2 bikes with the internal battery are out. And taking your seatpost out if you get a flat isn’t ideal. But for the rest of the time, hiding that pump could be a simple step, you can never forget your bike, right?

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Made out of CNC aluminium and plastic, the Topeak Ninja P weighs in at only 60g and costs £16.99 online.

It will fit 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm round seatposts.

There’s also a handy seatpost marker that means you won’t lose your perfected saddle height. The pump’s head is presta only but it will generate 160psi if your arms are strong enough.

Check out Topeak's site for more information

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ClubSmed | 7 years ago

If you're going to store a pump in a seat post, make it a track pump

step83 | 7 years ago
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Got one on my main bike, great idea as a backup I'll use a CO2 can if im in a hurry otherwise its the pump Least yo ucant forget to take it with you.

DoctorFish | 7 years ago

But then where does the motor fit?

I'm very confused as to what the point of this is.  Then you have to remove your mini-tool from your bottom bracket (I think I remember seeing that being a thing) and your tyre levers from your bar ends, and your spare tube from where ever you have hidden that.

Think I'll stick with the minipump being strapped next to the bottle cage.

The _Kaner replied to DoctorFish | 7 years ago

DoctorFish wrote:

and your spare tube from where ever you have hidden that.

Haven't you heard of Colonintinental inner tubes....

Rich_cb | 7 years ago

I've got one for each of my bikes, can be a bit tricky to get out of the seat post, especially with cold hands, but is still a really good product.

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