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Ass Savers launch reflective Fendor Bendor mudguard

Be seen and stay dry with this new reflective mudguard

Reflective cycling products are now cool. Ass Savers made a name for itself not just for its rather amusing name, but for the simple plastic mudguards that attach to the rails of a bicycle saddle, providing a reasonable amount of protection from rear wheel spray. It’s now launched, in time for winter, a new reflective mudguard based on its Fendor Bendor, a longer mudguard that attaches not to the saddle rails but the bicycle frame.

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ass savers reflective mudguard 1.jpg

These aren’t just any old reflective mudguards. It has collaborated with illustrator Bicyclecrumbs to produce this cool design. It’s only available on the Fendor Bendor, a long plastic mudguard that has a unique design that clips around the seatstays and seat tube of the frame, with no need for any tools or cable ties. 

The Fendor Bendor itself isn't that new, we actually reviewed one back in 2014 when it was produced by Wit Industries, but sincd then it has become part of the Ass Saver empire. 

Fendor Bendor review 

As well as being easy to fit the Fendor Bendor can be folded flat and stored in a bag or jersey, says the company, but we can’t really see why you'd want to do that. You’d just leave it on the bike all the time, even when it is dry, wouldn’t you? It’s not like the weight is going to slow you up, it only weighs 60g. Anyway, it looks really smart and should look good on the right sort of bicycle even during the daytime, while at night it's going to help you stand out on the road. 

ass savers reflective mudguard 2.jpg

The Bicyclecrumbs Fendor Bendor is available now and costs €12. 

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