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Bontrager launches Jens Voigt Shut Up Legs clothing collection

Shut Up Legs clothing range now available, including helmet, shoes, jersey and bib shorts

Jens Voigt was famous not only for racing well into his forties but for his signature phrase “shut up legs,” which has been used to launch a new clothing range by Bontrager. The collection includes shoes, jerseys, shorts, gloves, t-shirts and a helmet all featuring the iconic phrase. 

jens riding.jpg

The phrase “shut up legs” came about during an interview with a television channel at the Tour de France a few years ago. Describing how, during his latest in a string of breakaways, he had told his body, and his legs, to do what he told them to do, the phrase "shut up legs" quickly stuck. This, combined with his aggressive and attacking riding style, and the fact he comes across as a really nice guy, has made him a hit with cycling fans around the world.


It was only a matter of time before the iconic phrase was made available on a jersey, and Bontrager has worked to produce a range of clothing. The most expensive product in this range are the Bontrager Shut Up Legs XXX road shoes (£259.99) which differ from the regular shoes by virtue of the custom colour and the customised tongue and inner soles, which are branded with the “Shut Up Legs” phrase. The XXX shoe is Bontrager’s stiffest and lightest road shoe thanks to a carbon fibre sole, with a vented microfibre upper and no-slip heel lining.


The Bontrager Shut Up Legs Jersey (£69.99) is made from Profila Dry fabric with mesh inserts, a full-length zip on the front and three pockets on the back, with some reflective details. The jersey has a fitted cut, it’s designed to be a race  fit, with a dropped tail. It’s available in two colours, with the white version featuring a very large “Shut up legs” graphic across the back of the jersey.


There is a Bontrager Shut Up Legs Women’s jersey (£69.99) as well, which is made from the same Profila Dry fabric with a similarly fitted cut and three rear pockets. It’s only available in this black colour.


There are two pairs of shorts available, the Bontrager Shut Up Legs Bib Shorts (£79.99) and Bontrager Shut Up Legs Women’s Shorts (£74.99) without the bib straps. The shorts are made from a Profila Power material with mesh inserts and the short of wide leg gripper that is popular in high-end shorts these days, with reflective details for extra visibility. A posh sound Stratus inForm BioDynamic padded inserted provides the seated comfort. 

Bontrager’s Velocis helmet (£159.99) is available in this range, which only appears to differ from the regular version with a couple of small slogan stickers around the back.


There are lots of accessories as well, including these Bontrager Shut Up Legs Gel Gloves (£34.99). They have a synthetic leather palm and gel and memory foam inserts for added comfort, and a vented palm and soft material on the thumb for nose wiping duties. 


If you aren’t interesting in the cycling clothing, there are a few t-shirt designs that we reckon will be popular. They cost £24.99 apiece with a choice of colours and slogans, either “Shut Up Legs” or “It’s Only Pain”.

You can see the full range at

David worked on the tech team from 2012-2020. Previously he was editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds, and you can now find him over on his own YouTube channel David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

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jollygoodvelo | 8 years ago
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I like them actually.  Don't mind the Strava colourscheme at all.  


However, as with all massive-logo catchphrase T-shirts it's a huge in-joke.  Imagine seeing someone walking down the street wearing a T-shirt saying "TO SEE YOU NICE" because they're a fan of Bruce Forsyth?  That's you, that is.

Leviathan | 8 years ago

Little bit "strava-ry" in the colorway.

HarryTrauts | 8 years ago

I like them.  They're at a reasonable price, too.

danthomascyclist | 8 years ago

Nice design - pity about the tacky motto. It's right up there with "Live, Laugh Love" and the "Keep Calm..." bullshit in terms of trashiness

Yorkshie Whippet replied to danthomascyclist | 8 years ago
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danthomascyclist wrote:

Nice design - pity about the tacky motto. It's right up there with "Live, Laugh Love" and the "Keep Calm..." bullshit in terms of trashiness

Me thinks you've missed the point. It's one of Jens more famous phrases, so why wouldn't be plastered all over the place, that will be the main reason some people will buy it.

My problem is that last time I bought Bontrager stuff with an inspirational logo it came missing a motorcycle outrider, some bullying and a few bottles of claret.

Wanders off t' bike shop wi' credit card anyway, the white logos will match the phrase on my bikes.

jonathing replied to danthomascyclist | 8 years ago
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danthomascyclist wrote:

Nice design - pity about the tacky motto. It's right up there with "Live, Laugh Love" and the "Keep Calm..." bullshit in terms of trashiness

I do quite fancy the t-shirt for yoga class where it would be the perfect antidote to the Live Laugh Love brigade.

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