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TECH NEWS Bike of The Year is back with our 2015/16 awards!

Our annual bike awards start today so here's a quick canter through this year's categories and awards criteria

We test bikes all year round here at and when the year comes to an end we like to dish out some prizes to the bikes that have impressed us most in the Bike of The Year Awards.

Over the coming days we’ll be revealing our favourite bikes in various categories - culminating with the overall Bike of The Year Awards on Monday.

Awards criteria

Bikes we’ve tested in the 2015 calendar year
Bikes that are still available now - the awards are 2015/16 in recognition of the fact that 2016 bikes can start hitting the shops in the middle of 2015. If we tested the 2015 model then their has to be a 2016 version and the spec must at least be as good as the one we tested.

The format for this year’s awards is more or less the same, but again as usual the prizes on offer have changed slightly to reflect the range of bikes we’ve tested. Our first set of awards is a case in point - this year we’ve introduced a Bargain Bike of the Year award in place of last year’s Budget Bike of The Year. The reasoning being (and we like to show our working out for these awards) that though we actually tested more budget bikes (under £500)  this year - we also tested bikes at a number of higher price points that we reckoned offered brilliant value for money and that were worth celebrating too.

This year's awards are:
Bargain Bike + Frameset + Kids' Bike
Cyclo-cross bike + Adventure bike +Commuting bike
Superbike Shootout – money no object performance machines
Road Bike of the Year – a new category with our pick of performance bikes costing less then £2,500.
Bike of the Year Top 10!

So, without further ado, let's get this party started. Bike of They Year: Bargain bikes, Framesets and Kids Bikes




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