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Garmin unveils connected Index Smart Scale for measuring BMI and more

Can Garmin’s connected scales help you get fitter faster?

If you’re interested in measuring your weight on a regular basis, especially useful as a training aid as we head into winter, then you might want to know about Garmin’s brand new Index Smart Scale. It costs £129.99 and will be available early November.

Unlike regular scales that just measure your body weight, these ones measure a whole lot more. Body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle and bone mass are all measured by these scales, so you can keep track of your improvements with a lot more detail and accuracy.

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Once you’ve stepped off the scales, you can upload the data via WiFi or ANT+ to Garmin Connect, allowing you to track a lot of data to help you reach your training goals. To use it over Wifi is simply a matter of connecting it to a WPS-enabled WiFi router.

garmin index smart scales 2.png

Adding weight along with other training metrics in Garmin Connect like distance, heart rate and power provides you with a more comprehensive view of your health and wellness. Additionally, you can link to a MyFitnessPal account to add calorie and nutrition information.

The Index Smart Scale has a large screen and easy-to-use interface and is designed for multiple users, up to 16 if you live in a really busy house. The scales will recognise the user and wirelessly sync the latest measurements to that person's Garmin Connect account, or smartphone app.

“The Index Smart Scale is an exciting addition to the Garmin lineup,” said Andrew Silver, Garmin EMEA Product Manager, Fitness & Wearables. “We designed this smart scale to be both beautiful and functional, and with it we’re able to complete the wellness circle of weight management. We’re also excited to offer this as an option to our millions of running, cycling and multisport athletes who are looking for a smart solution to track body composition data along with the rest of their data in Garmin Connect.”

The Index Smart Scale costs £129.99 and is available in two colours (black and silver) and will be available 13th November. 

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