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Jeremy Vine called a “terrible person” by London bus driver for not cycling on the left and giving way

“You guys are very provoking human beings and I don’t know why you do it”, the London bus driver told Vine…

Jeremy Vine has posted a video in which a London bus driver can first be seen honking at the BBC and Channel 5 presenter who was cycling on the road, and then calling him a “terrible person” and a “provoking human being”.

In the footage shared on Twitter, the 58-year-old can be seen waiting at a traffic junction in Charing Cross, London when a 176 double-decker bus creeps up behind him. As Vine starts pedalling, the bus driver honks at him.

At the next signal, Vine stops and turns around to ask the driver: “What did I do wrong?”. The driver’s reply is inaudible in the video, but Vine signals to the left asking, “Am I supposed to be over here?”

Still unable to hear the driver, Vine turns around and approaches the driver, who can then be heard saying: “I think you are terrible person. You knew what you were doing. You guys are very provoking human beings and I don’t know why you do it.”

Vine continues to ask what did he do wrong, but the driver unfortunately didn’t give a clear reply, instead saying: “You did something wrong and you know what you did.”

Vine asks if he was in the wrong part of the road, but by that time the light turns green and the driver asks Vine to move along and said: “Excuse me, don’t trouble me.”

“Don't go while I'm here,” Vine urges, as he's positioned directly next to the front corner of the bus, but eventually decides to turn back around.

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Vine captioned the clip: 'London bus driver did the full moral outrage number on me this morning, but I DON’T KNOW WHY. Please watch and help me understand.'

Last week, when Jeremy Vine exclaimed "Oh wow" at a van driver in London who was about to hit another cyclist, the driver proceeded to shout “f*** off” out the window at him. Vine wrote that he was tempted to confront the driver, but decided he “quite fancied getting home alive”, instead laughing with a group of passing youngsters.

And two weeks ago, a courier who called Vine a "p***k" while crossing the road in west London was suspended from work while his employer investigates.

The 50-year-old man, named as Tony in an interview with the Mail, was filmed crossing the road in front of Vine — as the broadcaster rounded a van stopped in a bike lane.

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As Vine passed, continuing his ride through Hammersmith, the man turned around, saying "Vine you p***k" before some other inaudible dialogue.

The warehouse worker later insisted he did not regret anything and "called him a p***k because he was acting like one" and claiming that the presenter had almost hit him. Vine subsequently shared a second camera angle raising doubt about how close the apparent collision had been.

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