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Notts Police fill cities with 'Capture Bicyles' warning thieves that they could end up with more than they bargained for

'Capture Bicycles' contain mysterious technology to catch crooks in the act - and there's no excuse for not knowing about it...

Police in Nottingham are using specially marked bikes to warn would-be criminals that they could be preparing to steal more than they bargained for.

14 bikes have been made into mobile warning signs, and positioned in key areas of Newark, Worksop and Nottingham. In Nottingham city centre alone, 133 bikes were stolen between April and August alone.

Police claim the real trap bikes will contain 'state of the art technology' that will catch thieves in the act.

Sergeant Simon Allen, from the Nottingham city centre team, said: “The concept of Capture Bikes has been around for a while. We got the idea for the brightly painted bikes from Liverpool, who’ve seen a reduction of 40% since using them.

“We’ve used 15 unclaimed bikes from lost property to signal the initiative. They are either bright yellow or marked up with our logo and the words ‘Capture Bikes In Operation’. You can’t miss them.”

Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood Chief Inspector Paul Murphy said: “If you see one of the bikes in your local area, be aware that it may be a hotspot.

“This scheme is not just about catching thieves in the act, but also establishing where stolen bikes are being taken to be sold on.

“Another important aim is to deter criminals in the first place, sending the message out there that the best way to avoid being caught is to stop offending.”

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