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Strava Heatmap shows worldwide activity on a single day

Nearly 5 million miles of Strava activities displayed on a zoomable heatmap of the world

If you’ve ever wondered how many other people use Strava in your area, or just how early some cyclists get up on a weekend, then Strava’s Heatmap, which compiles every single activity uploaded to its website on Saturday July 20th, allows you to do exactly that.

Strava took every single activity logged on that single day - totalling 4,890,000 miles in over 326,000 hours - and overlaid the data onto a map of the world. You can move around the map and check out how much activity there is in other parts of the world, and zoom in to take a closer look. It’s a fascinating snapshot of a busy weekend day, and shows where Strava is really popular, and the busiest segments. Like Box Hill and Alpe d'Huez which both glow brightly.

There’s a slider at the top of the page that lets you look at rides first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon. Funnily enough, last weekend just happened to be the annual running of the Dunwich Dynamo, and is clearly visible as the only activity in the UK during the early hours of the morning.

Take a look at it here.

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