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Jon Snow asks: Why are cycling deaths increasing?

Presenter says statistics are perplexing

Channel 4 News presenter and keen cyclist Jon Snow yesterday ran a report about the increasing number of riders dying on Britain’s roads.

He asks why this is happening at a rate which, he says, cannot be explained simply by the increased number of cyclists out there.

“Casualties on Britain's roads are down in the last year by 6 per cent. But for cyclists, casualties are up 1 per cent. And while fatalities on the roads are down by 16 per cent in the last year, cycling fatalities are up by 7 per cent. And yet the use of bikes is only up by 1.5 per cent,” he says in his blog.


He highlights the issue of left-turning lorries in his report and commends the Cemex cement company for fitting safety devices to its vehicles.

He concludes that: “..if there were better provision for cyclists on the roads, there would be better behaviour. And if there was better behaviour, those rising numbers of deaths would be reversed.”

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