Technical apparel for children from 4-11 years from top UK kids' bike brand...

If you've got kids who really like to ride then you'll know that your choices are limited when it comes to getting a decent bike, but even more so on the clothing front. Being comfortable on the bike is central to any child's enjoyment of cycling, so it's great to see top-quality kids' bike maker Islabikes stepping into the clothing market.

Islabikes has been around since 2006, and right from the outset has been regarded as one of the best producers of children's bikes, with a range that goes right from balance bikes to scaled-down racers. All their alloy-framed machines are well thought out with attention to details in crucial areas, such as crank length and brake reach, to make sure that children have the best possible experience of cycling from the off.

Now Islabikes has turned its attention to the clothing market and they've launched a full range of bike-specific clothing. There's a short sleeve jersey, a winter jacket, bib shorts, bib longs and leg and arm warmers. The garments are all constructed from good quality technical materials and have a proportional fit for younger bodies, child friendly zips and reflective piping. Prices range from £16.99 for the arm warmers up to £59.99 for the soft shell winter jacket. Most of the range caters for children from 6-11 years, although the jersey fits kids as young as four.

Islabikes clothing designer Tom Payton said of the new range, “We are delighted to have such an exciting range of new clothing to offer our aspiring young cyclists. To see children out there on our bikes and wearing our kit; it’s a winning combination.”

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