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Show us your bike pics! New picture gallery

Share pictures of your bike or interesting bikes you've seen on

We've been meaning to create a picture gallery on the site for your bike pictures and finally we've done it with a snappily titled gallery called users' bike pics.

Now all we need is for you to send us your bike pics! They could be shots of your bike or of bikes you've seen on your travels we want to see them, so stick them in an email to info [at] and share it with the rest of us.

We want to see interesting bikes, but we've got a very broad definition of 'interesting', as far as we are concerned pretty much all bikes are cool and interesting – Tone even likes taking pictures of abandoned bikes.

Feel free to tell us about the bike too, if it's yours about the equipment choices or the types of riding you do on it, or if it's a bike you spotted on the street tell us where you saw it and what made you take a pic.

To get us started TR has uploaded a load of pics he's taken of fixed gear machines so there's plenty in the gallery already, but we really want to see all sorts of bikes.

Our favourite bike pics will feature on the home page. If you've got a bike or seen a bike that you want to share with the world email us a pic to: info [at]

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