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Doncaster create cycle race circuit with cobbled climb; Belfast Radio station forced to apologise; Pavel Sivakov wins Tour of Poland; Tyson Fury turns spectator; Stage one of tour of Scotland abandoned; + more on the Live blog:

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09 August 2019, 17:51
1km race circuit in Doncaster will include cobbled climb

Work on a new world-class cycling facility at Doncaster Dome has been completed and it will open to the public after 27 September 2019. 

The council are looking to grow cycling in the region following the upcoming World Championships which are being held in Yorkshire.

The event takes place in Yorkshire in September and the Women’s Junior Road Race and Men’s U23 Road Race will start from Doncaster Dome on Friday 27 September.

According to the Doncaster council the track will; 

  • be closed from traffic to create a safe environment for cyclists
  • include a learn to ride area for children and young people
  • be ideal for beginners right through to elite racers
  • feature a cobbled climb as part of a regional specification race circuit



Dome Cycle Circuit
09 August 2019, 17:39
Belfast Radio station forced to apologise after posting meme attacking cyclists

Belfast radio station U105 has been forced to apologise for a post on social media attacking cyclists. 

A meme, shared widely online, was posted on the station's Facebook page on Thursday.

It showed an image of the actor Robert Downey jr looking relieved with the caption: "When you thought you ran over an animal but it was just a cyclist..."

The station then went on to write "Drive safe folks!" under the post. 

On Friday afternoon, the station, unsurprisingly made an apology.

"We posted a meme that has offended and upset some members of our audience," a statement said.

"It was not our intention and an error of judgement on our behalf, and we would like to apologise to anyone who was upset or offended with the content of the meme."





09 August 2019, 17:31
Cyclists deride 13.6-km detour on Canadian Canal bike path

 Authorities in Canada have recommended a 13.6-kilometre detour to circumnavigate a 1.5-kilometre section of a popular cycling path. That's reasonable isn't it?

“Is this a joke?” wrote one irate cyclist on the Parks Canada Facebook site. “A detour of 14 km to replace a stretch of 1.5 km? Do you ever bike?”

Totally unacceptable and disconnected from reality,” wrote another. “How can you pretend that imposing a detour that’s 10 times longer than the zone under construction could be reasonable?”

Parks Canada announced that starting last Monday, the stretch of the bike path running north of the canal between Dollard Ave. and Angrignon Blvd., south of Ville St. Pierre and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, will be closed because of renovation work on the canal’s retaining walls until June 2020.


09 August 2019, 17:14
Everyone's favourite interviewee talks about the conditions on stage one of the tour of Scotland
09 August 2019, 16:47
Tyson Fury gives some gentle encouragement to cyclists in Marbella
09 August 2019, 16:26
Pavel Sivakov wins Tour of Poland
09 August 2019, 15:15
Cycling in the dark (CC lisenced by Flickr user Boegh)
Mum of cyclist killed in road traffic collision launches petition for all bikes to be sold with lights

The Labour MP for Kensington, Emma Dent Coad, tweeted support - despite opposing a segregated cycle lane in her constituency recently.

Full story here.

09 August 2019, 15:13
We should emphasise that it's only stage one of the Women's Tour of Scotland that's been cancelled

Here's Katie Archibald on why she thinks it's such an important event.

09 August 2019, 14:14
Professor killed after van driver opened door without looking for cyclists "started cycling after 7/7", say family
Maria Bitner-Glindzicz. Picture credit Norrie Disease Foundation

The professor of genetics Maria Bitner-Glindzicz, who died when a van driver opened his door without looking which forced her to swerve into the path of an overtaking taxi, started cycling after narrowly escaping the 7/7 terror attacks, according to her family. Speaking to the Evening Standard, her husband Professor David Miles said she only didn't board the Piccadilly Line tube that exploded back in 2005 because of overcrowding: "She reckoned she was extremely close to being on the carriage that had the bomb on it. Since then, she was always cycling." 

The van driver who was deemed to have caused the incident was charged with opening his door ‘so as to injure or endanger’, but died in the days before a hearing in April of this year. 

09 August 2019, 14:07
Stage one of women tour of Scotland abandoned
09 August 2019, 13:46
Velolife (via Facebook)
Cycling UK wants to hear from clubs affected by council’s absurd Velolife cycle cafe ban

“Saying that cyclists are welcome to use the café, but must not arrange or organise themselves to do so, is an absurdity of Catch 22 proportions.”

Full story here.

09 August 2019, 13:10
Zig-a-zig-ah! Zig Zag is All-City's new disc-equipped road bike

And here's the amusingly titled Zig Zag from All-City, another popular US brand of steel road bikes. Read the full story here.

all-city zig zag11
09 August 2019, 13:09
Mosaic Cycles launch new RS-1 steel road bike

Couple of new steel road bikes launched this week, starting with this RS-1 from Boulder brand Mosaic Cycles. Full story here.

mosaic rs-19
09 August 2019, 11:22
Tour of Britain land art competition
09 August 2019, 11:40
Suzanne's gift shop, Broadstairs (via StreetView)
Bloke whose bike was crushed by lorry driver still waiting for company to pay for it

Kent Live reports on a cyclist whose bike was hit by an Olleco lorry while it was locked to a fence.

Stephen Taylor had left his bike outside Suzanne’s gift shop in Broadstairs while he went to get his hair cut. He came to a bent frame and a knackered wheel.

“When I got back, the lorry was still there,” said Taylor. “So I spoke to the driver and he said to speak to the company. They were very nice and helpful, they told me to send all the details and photos which I did.

“I took it to the bike shop in St Peter’s and they said it was a write-off, then they did a report and sent it off to Olleco.

“I’ve not heard a thing from them – they promised they’d get back to me and didn’t bother.”

The loss of the bike means that Taylor’s commute has increased by 40 minutes.

He says he’s attempted to contact Olleco every week since the incident happened on July 10, but he’s had not response.

“It’s not the money – it’s just really irritated me,” he said.

“I work at A&E and get the train from Ramsgate to Medway and cycle the rest of the way. After a 12-hour night shift I’ll have an extra 40-minute walk.

“Why should I pay £500 of my money on a new bike when this lorry reversed over it?

“If it was a car I could claim on my insurance. It’s not my fault. The lorry driver was very nice and he admitted liability.

“If I damaged one of their vehicles they would be on me like a ton of bricks. Even if they just give me £50 I will be happy because at least they have done something.”

09 August 2019, 11:20
TfL Image - Entrants - Best Cargo Bike - Families
TfL are working to raise the profile of cargo bikes at the minute

They’ve just announced the winners of a ‘best cargo bike’ competition.

Douze's G4e bike won the Best Cargo Bike – Business category. The judges were particularly impressed with the model's manoeuvrability and comfort.

The Bakfiets Long won the Best Cargo Bike – Families category, which assessed bikes suitable for carrying children. The bike scored highly for its affordability and judges were also impressed by the bike's ease of use.

Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said: “I’m delighted that this competition has helped showcase how cargo bikes are a greener, cleaner and often faster alternative to polluting cars and vans. We were really impressed with the standard of all the entries, and hope families and businesses will be encouraged to make the switch and help clean up London’s toxic air.”

09 August 2019, 11:19
09 August 2019, 08:29
'Extreme filtering'

This video was originally spawned from a thread on Reddit, where the uploader says "this should be shown to every person who goes to buy a new car in Glasgow." Allegedly an accident 20 miles away on the M80 caused this tailback, and motorists were stuck in jams for two hours or more. Bet they wish they'd have cycled instead...

09 August 2019, 08:18
Egan Bernal gets hero's welcome in his homeland

It must be still sinking in for the Colombian superstar, as he returns to his homeland to find huge crowds gathering to catch a glimpse and murals made in his honour. 

09 August 2019, 08:16
An excellent thread on the joys of cycling

"The point is this, cycling has an effect, group sport of any type has a very direct positive effect on society. We become a group, rather than isolated in our metal boxes. It builds character, resilience and builds a healthy mindset into children", says former GB cyclists David Standard in tribute to his late father. 

09 August 2019, 08:11
Why don't cyclists use the cycle lane part 4,235

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