+ spurious bonus tandeming factoid

Most people associate tandems with touring, but you can go fast on a tandem as anyone who's ever ridden one can tell you - just imagine how fast you can go on this one from Specialized, with Fabian Cancellara on the back stoking. Quite fast.

The bloke at Specialized who designed their S-Works carbon tandem actually did ride it with Spartacus on the back… we'd like to think they turned up at their local 10 on it.

Cool story aside this is just a wonderful piece of technology all aero tube profiles and check out the shaft drive too. What I really like about this bike is Specialized have given the full R&D performance technology treatment to a type of bike that track specials aside doesn't usually get it, and they've come up with solutions that are particular to this type of bike (that shaft drive) rather than just building something that is essentially two jazzed up road bikes stuck together. 

We dread to think what this bad lad might cost, but if we had the storage (and a big hill of cash) there'd certainly be room for it in our collection.

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