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Velo South - pre-registrations pass 30,000 ahead of entries opening on March 1

100 mile Sussex closed road sportive continues to generate big interest - pre-registration closes on Wednesday and you have to pre-register to enter

Pre-registrations for Velo South have now reached 30,000 with three days to go until entries for the new 100 mile closed road sportive open. 15,000 places will be up for grabs and if you want one of them you will need to pre-register by midnight on Wednesday – it's free and simply involves giving your name and email address. 

As yet, the organisers haven’t said how much entries will cost, but as we said in our piece about the sportive’s official launch last Friday it’s likely that they will be somewhere in the region of the prices for last year’s Velo Birmingham event - which is owned and organised by the same company. Velo Birmingham tickets cost £75 for a standard entry or £115 for fast track entries plus booking fees of £3.75 and £5.75 respectively. 

We’d expect Velo South to cost something in that region also - as a comparison this year’s Ride London/Surrey costs £69 to enter - slightly less but there are upwards of another 10,000 people on the 100 mile ride.

Ride London/Surrey continues to prove that there is a strong appetite for closed road events - in the South East of England at least - so it will be interesting to see where the Velo South pitches the cost of entry and if there is any resistance should it be higher than Velo Birmingham. There’s no denying though that the course on offer should make for a great day’s riding with the added incentive of the Goodwood start and finish, and of course when it comes to sportives nothing really beats riding on closed roads.

On Friday we gave you an early bit of route analysis from our resident Sussex cyclist, Vecchiojo which you can read here - if you’re expecting a Sunday bimble though the lanes - think again. You can get more of a flavour of what to expect with this official video from the Velo South launch. 

Fair to say though, apart from what challenges the roads you’re riding over will have to offer, the proof of the Velo South pudding will only be revealed when riders start crossing the finish line on September 23rd. What’s certainly clear already though is that in a year when this is one of only two closed road sportives on offer in the UK there are plenty of willing to give Velo South a taste. 

For more information check out the Velo South websit, or via it's Facebook and Twitter accounts. 


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