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Hampshire police threaten to fine cyclists for wearing a helmet

Force issues apology for inaccurate leaflet

Hampshire Police has apologised for a leaflet sent out by one of its neighbourhood policing teams which featured an inaccurate list of ‘endorsable’ cycling offences. One of the ‘offences’ listed was “Cycle helmets used correctly”.

Failing to wear a cycle helmet is not an offence – and using one correctly most certainly isn’t.

Other supposed offences associated with a ‘minimum’ £50 fine included ‘No cycle lights fitted’ and ‘Cycle lights not illuminated’ – there is no requirement for lights to be fitted during the day; and also ‘Cycle carrying more than one person’ – which would be bad news to those on tandems.

In a statement, Hampshire Police said:

“We would like to apologise for any confusion caused by incorrect information contained in a leaflet handed out by a school in Totton.

“We have looked into this and it would appear that a final version was issued without final approval by Hampshire Constabulary.”

The force also published the correct information about cycling offences which could result in a fixed penalty notice of £50. These are not endorsable offences in that points are not applied to a driver’s licence.

  • Contravening traffic sign / road markings
  • Cyclist failing to stop when directed by uniformed PC / Traffic Warden
  • A standard pedal cycle carrying more than one person
  • Cycling on footway

Lights not illuminated (when riding between sunset and sunrise)

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