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Videos: Mega penny-farthing crash, BMX vs MTB & more

The video round-up sees penn-farthings, BMXs and mountain bikes fly down steep hills + loads more stunning rides

We're not obsessed with crashes here on the video round-up. We promise. It's just when they come as bizarre as the one that tops today's video round-up you'll see why we can't not include them in our selection of the best cycling videos we've found this week.

We get things moving with a group of Ordinaries rolling down a steep hill, one of the cyclists aboard these bizarre beasts is on the receiving end of a catastrophic mechanical failure. Looks painful.

That video is followed by some more downhill madness, with Rachel Atherton's Downhill Mountain Bike World Championship winning run and the answer to an age-old cycling question: who wins in a straight downhill shootout, a BMX or a mountain bike.

Once we're at the bottom of those hills we see some pretty cool cycling multitasking, a gravel grand fondo in Germany, some stunning climbs in Lincolnshire and South America, and we end the round-up on a reflective note with Rapha's lead designer.



Mega penny-farthing crash

There's a range in heights amongst the staff here at and the common theme seems to be the taller  when they fall off - or they fall off more.

Now, none of us are riding around at the kind of heights these penny-farthing riders are.

Old bikes like these are also far more likely to suffer from mechanical failures, so we're fairly unsympathetic. These guys knew the risks.


Rachel Atherton's MTB World Champs winning run

The phenomenon that is Rachel Atherton completed an incredible season in style last weekend as she smashed her way to victory at the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships.

Her unbelievable performance which you can watch above capped off a year that saw her become the first rider in history to complete a perfect Downhill World Cup season.

This run is put into even more perspective if you watched the veterans tear down the course in last week's video round-up.


BMX vs MTB - no pedaling, who wins?

Red Bull has attempted to answer an age old cycling question. Which is quicker, a BMX or a Mountain bike.

At Woodward PA's annual BMX Berm Burners event the question was put to the test in a number of ultra fast head-to-head races on the course's new asphalt surface.

Interestingly, in all three competitions BMXs came out on top with MTBs featuring on the podium only twice.


Don't drum and cycle; or do

Now, we wouldn't reccommend this unless you're either an incredibly experienced cyclist or an incredibly experienced drummer.

Both would be ideal, of course.

If you are going to give it a try, though, make sure you film it and fire it our way.


Gravel, tarmac, trail - Germany's Gravel Fondo 2016

Registrations open on Tuesday for one of Europe's most stunning and adventurous Gran Fondos.

As far as cycling events go they don't come much more spectacular than the Votec Gravel Fondo.

Here's something to whet your appetites.


Fairlight introduces the FARAN on Lincolnshire climbs

Who knew Lincolnshire was this beautiful?

Fairlight has done more than than given us a taster of their interesting-looking FARAN touring bike, incredibly they've made us think about packing an overnight bag and riding for Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Lincoln and co. 


A stunning solitary South American cycle journey

From the temptation of England's east coast to the unnervingly strong pull of South American scenery.

Check out Sheffield-based cyclist Brendan Tyree and his incredible journey from South Amercia's Argentinean south coast up to the Carribean.


Rapha's designer talks personal process

Finally, meet Rapha's man who's constantly searching for “a better ride, a better race, a better commute."

That's Alex Valdman, the cycling brand's head of product design, talking, and this is a short video about his journey to where he is now.


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