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Lights, camera, WIN! Get your video game on this Autumn

Win big prizes from Knog for your low-light video creations

If you’re feeling creative, you could do a lot worse than set your mind to the new Knog No Ordinary Night video competition.

The entries can be visually stunning, creative, or just plain bonkers  - the only rule is that they must be shot at night and be no more than two minutes long.

The judges, who have thousands of pounds worth of prizes to dole out, are looking for epic action, great stories and originality from entrants.

Criteria for judging include:

  •     Cinematography and Composition
  •     Degree of Difficulty of Shooting
  •     Performance and Style
  •     Story

But the judges say: “Creativity is not formulaic. The winning video could have the most incredible storyline,, but shot on an iPhone so the cinematography is not so great. Basically don't worry too much..... If it's awesome, it's in.

To submit your videos or watch other entries, head to

The competion runs from August 15th, 2016 - November 30th, 2016.

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