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Stunning sculpture made entirely from bicycle tyres

Artist Mick Davis created the sculpture in the image of Rodin's The Thinker to raise awareness of the environmental issues surrounding tyre waste...

A stunning sculpture in the image of 20th century French sculptor Auguste Rodin's The Thinker has been created using only recycled bicycle tyres in County Kerry, Ireland.

Artist Mick Davis, who studied art in Dublin, is described as an enthusiastic cyclist in the bio on his website. It was this enthusiasm that made him aware of the issue of disposing of old bicycle tyres, and lead him to start working with bicycle tyres as a medium. 

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It was in April 2014 that he began experimenting in creating sculptures from old tyres, an experiment that ultimately lead him to this, his most ambitious tyre-related work to date, Le Poete.



Mr Davis told that the sculpture is based on Rodin's The Thinker, which was originally named Le Poete. The similarities between the two are clear. One, though, is made of bronze and is 112 years old, while the other is made out of bicycle tyres and was completed this year.

Mick Davis and Le Poete.jpeg

Mick Davis and Le Poete


He said: "As you know old tyres are a major environmental issue and I hope that showcasing a use for them like this will be an inspiration to others.

"It’s also a wonderful medium for sculpting with. I’m trying to promote this unique and unusual art form"

We're used to dealing with unusual bike art here at Whether its monumentally large virtual drawings on ride-sharing app Strava, music made only using noises that bikes can make, or even dodgy cycling infrastructure called art in hindsight, we've covered it.

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Though, it must be said, we've seen very few things that both look as fantastic as Mick Davis's artwork and has such a positive, sustainable impact on the planet.

Keep up the good work Mick.

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