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Incredible deals as Ribble Cycles takeover the DealCatcher

The DealCatcher's been hijacked by Ribble Cycles today & they're bringing stellar deals on bibs, helmets, bikes & more...

The Good Ship DealCatcher's been hijacked today by a bunch of shrewd discounteers from Ribble Cycles.

They're not here to cause trouble. No, no, instead they've brought with them a variety of heavily discounted cycling bits and bobs from their coffers especially for you lot; and boy are there some incredible deals in there.

Ribble get things moving with their homebrew, and highly configurable Ribble Evo Pro. The only thing we know for certain is that it comes with Shimano's Ultegra 6800 groupset, the rest is up to you.

Following that they've got two helmet deals from Bell, a choice of two pairs of Assos bib shorts, a pair of Sidi Ghost cycling socks, and some BBB cylcing glasses.

What are you waiting for? It's time to dive in!


18% off Ribble's Evo Pro Ultegra 6800
WAS £1219.99 | NOW £999.99

Ribble evo-ultegra-6800.jpg

First up, the aforementioned Ribble Evo Pro. This stunning Shimano Ultegra-running, carbon fibre frame race bike, is an incredible deal for under £1000.

It's super customisable too, and in a number of ways you're probably not used to seeing from an online retailer.

Sure, you've seen frame size choice, but how often do you get to choose the tyre width, stem length, handle bar width, handle bar tape colour of your new bike?

You can even upgrade the standard, perhaps a little cumbersome, Mavic Aksium Wheels to Shimano's RS81's.  


60% off Bell's Star Pro Shield Helmet
WAS £199.99 | NOW £79.99

Bell Star Pro Shield Helmet.jpg


We reviewed the Star Pro's previous iteration which we found excellently comfortable, other than the slight lack of ventilation.

This year's model looks to have amended that issue slightly, as the vents look to have grown in size. The Star Pro Shield also features a removable tinted Zeiss Shield visor to protect your eyes from spray and UV rays, plus it'll make you look a little like a super hero.

Win, win.

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62% off Bell's Volt RL Helmet
WAS £99.99 | NOW £37.49

Bell Volt RL Helmet.jpg

Here's another Bell helmet we've reviewed favourably here at

The Volt is Bell's second tier helmet, but it looks fantastically similar to their top of the range Gage helmet.

It's not only in the looks department that you're getting more quality for your money than you'd expect - especially at this sub-£40 discount.

The helmet is exceptionally comfortable, with the help of its fantastic 22-vent ventilation system and Twin Axis Gear fit system for a highly configurable fit.

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25% off Assos T.Neopro S7 Bib Shorts
WAS £119.99 | NOW £89.99

Assos TNeopro S7 Bib Shorts.jpg

Assos's T.NeoPro Bib Shorts are the Swiss company's entry level performance bib shorts that feature a range of features that are designed to keep you riding quickly and most importantly comfortably.

Memory foam inserts are the stand-out feature from a comfort perspective. Well placed and incredibly well cushioned these inserts will keep you comfortably in the saddle for hours at a time. 

The shorts have also got a significantly higher proportion of Spandex to help reduce muscle irritating vibrations, reducing muscle fatigue.


25% off Assos T Equipe S7 Bib Shorts
WAS £154.99 | NOW £114.99

Assos T Equipe S7 Bib Shorts.jpg

Assos's range of S7 performance cycling shorts doesn't start and end at the entry level T.Neopro shorts.

Moving up through the product range, you get to the £154.99 Equipe shorts that feature a more performance oriented fit and are cut from fewer pieces of Spandex in order to reduce the seam count, raising comfort levels another notch.

The memory foam and spandex aided muscle stabilisation stays, of course, making the Equipe shorts even better for the rider who's looking to make the most out of every pedal stroke.


40% off Sidi Ghost Coolmax Socks
WAS £9.99 | NOW £5.99

Sidi Ghost Coolmax Socks.jpg

Sidi's Ghost Coolmax socks, named as such for their height and the difficulty other cyclists will have seeing them, are a fantastic pair of summer socks for the incoming good weather!

Regardless where you stand on the great sock debate - colour and height are the usual points of contention - there's no denying that on the particularly hot days, you'll be looking to wear as little material as possible.

That's where the Ghosts come into their element.

Not sold on ankle socks? Check out our buyer's guide:

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45% off BBB Adapt Glasses
WAS £79.95 | NOW £43.28

BBB Adapt Glasses.jpg

Finally, while we're talking about summer, let's send a pair of sunglasses into the fray.

BBB have history here at They managed to sneak two pairs of their sunglasses into our list of the 18 best cycling sunglasses, which you can read below.

The Adapt glasses, while not featuring in that list, are closer to your day-to-day sunglasses than those garish, multi coloured glasses you're used to seeing on the faces of pros.

Clean and simple, they offer fantastic value at £43, plus they look good off the bike too.

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