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#mycyclingweekend - Rainy rides & powerful Aussie legs

While we were riding through really wet conditions, the damned Aussies were spinning around in the sun

How was your #mycyclingweekend? We're pretty sure if you're anywhere near us, we can guess exactly how your weekend rides went.

If you are one of the thousands of us who took to the roads this weekend, you might recognise this:



#snoweymollan #snow #snowfalling #trees #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Gavin Butler (@gbphotofilm) on


It was really, really wet. Which shouldn't have come as much of a surprise, because it's been raining almost non-stop all year so far.

Sure, weather like this leads to the occasional picturesque dramatic sky, but it also brings one thing in spades: mud.

Loads of you got an unwelcome splattering of the brown stuff this weekend, which fortunately led to some fab photos. We even stipulated that a wetsuit might be a decent investment on our Instagram feed.



#cycling #velo #wales #mycyclingweekend

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Bit grim out there this morning! #wintertraining #cycling #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Matthew Jones (@paolinis.beard) on




See previous post. #cyclocross #cx #cycling #mycyclingweekend #cxne #outsideisfree #outsideismuddy #fromwhereiride #bike

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#mycyclingweekend New year's resolution? Get a wetsuit

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But you guys didn't let the weather stop you working your way towards your new year resolution goals. Instagram user Dayle Guy didn't even let a rogue slate-slashing-tyre incident stop him.



After all that, though, even s.earp's bike know's what's needed:



Someone's telling me something!! #cycling #mycyclingweekend #getoutandride #birthday

A photo posted by Stuart Earp (@s.earp) on


The world is big, though. Down in Australia it certainly isn't raining. They had a lovely weekend, which was great for the riders and spectators down at the National Road Race.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Instagram user kingmattl was reminiscing about his U23 victory back in 2008, and bluecyclesnt caught a great photo of winner Jack Bobridge in full flight mid-break.







We got loads of photos from other places all over the world in a huge variety of cycling conditions. Snow in Canada, Sunsets in Japan, a bite to eat in Belgium, bridges in Singapore, and more.





Early morning on Hiraodai (again) #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by @iandagnall on







Caffeine fix at the farm #cyclingshots #mycyclingweekend #albarari #thefarmalbarari

A photo posted by Peter Dorrell (@pete_dorrell) on




Off to a great start of the year. #mycyclingweekend

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Remember, you can still get involved with the #mycyclingweekend by firing over your photos on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by simply including the hashtag in the description, or the caption.

Happy riding!


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