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Corridor: the bike that's just made for tiny apartments

Clever folding design allows functional city use while taking up minimal space at home

A tiny foldable bike designed especially for cramped urban apartments has been designed by Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven graduate David Roman Lieshout.

The Corridor bike prototype has been designed to be lightweight, for ease of carrying up stairs, and semi-foldable, so that it can hang out of the way on a wall, or tucked in a corner.


Corridor bike 3.jpg


"As cities are growing in popularity, housing is becoming increasingly compact and journeys more local," said Lieshout.

"The majority of bicycles however, are still designed from a suburb point of view where you have the luxury of a shed or a garden to store your bicycle. Corridor is designed for cities while preserving a rich cycling experience.”

The rounded top tube is designed to be carried comfortably over a shoulder, or hooked up on a wall. There is cargo carrying space, with smaller wheels to reduce weight and size and allow additional cargo not to get in the way, whether on the front or back interchangeable luggage rack.

Handlebars and pedals fold out of the way to allow the bike to be stored on a hook.

Corridor bike 2.jpg

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