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#mycyclingweekend - A Friday pint, or a Friday ride?

Whether you're tackling a pint of beer or a mountain pass, we want you to share it with us!...

Friday evening is finally here! Are you going for a drink, ride, or to catch up with the day's Tour de France action to celebrate? We can't really think of anything better than an hour or so in the saddle to work off a week's worth of stress.

Whatever you decide to do, we want you to share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

If you've decided to go out for a drink this Friday night with your cycling pals, then get a photo of the lot of you down the pub and share it on Facebook with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag.

Perhaps you're keeping to your training regime religiously, and a beer simply isn't on the menu. No matter, get a shot of your shot of caffeine tomorrow or Sunday morning on your group's ride.

There are plenty of cycling events going on if your regular gang have abandoned you. Check out our RideCatcher for some last minute ride ideas.

Maybe though, you're going to take it easy and take in some of the Tour de France. Get a shot of you in your socks and ping it our way.

We'll be up and about on our bikes all weekend, here at So expect plenty of photos from us - and don't be afraid to ask us questions on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram either.

Anyway, for a bit of inspiration, here are a few that didn't make it into Monday's #mcycylingweekend round-up:






85mile of the Peaks and 30c heat! #cycling #ridelots #Rapha #WWCC #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Andrew Clarkson (@mraclarkson_parcoursmedia) on



Waiting for a replacement tyre... #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by @iupham on

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Judge dreadful | 8 years ago

Oh what a nice day

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