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Giant launches Rivet aero road helmet

After being spotted on the heads of the Giant-Alpecin team cyclists, Giant’s new aero helmet is officially unveiled

Aerodynamics is a big thing in road racing at the moment, where even the smallest gains are appreciated, especially by the sprinters. Giant has this week added the new Rivet aero road helmet to its range, a helmet that has been a long time in development - those with a keen eye will have spotted several members of the Giant-Alpecin professional team sporting the new helmet in races earlier this year.

The Rivet was designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics and is similar to the latest crop of aero helmets in that it features several vents on the front, steering clear of a fully smooth front surface area in favour of some ventilation. Giant reckons its ‘AeroVent ventilation system’ channels air through the helmet using ‘drag-neutral’ front vents and a ‘slippery overall profile.’

The new aero helmet first debuted in the People’s Choice Classic race in Australia earlier this year, and John Degenkolb won both Milan-San Remo and Paris-Roubaix wearing the new helmet. The market is awash with aero road helmets these days, just about every helmet manufacturer has one in its range. One of the downsides to a truly aero helmet is the lack of ventilation, so the latest generation of aero helmets look to integrate vents without negatively impacting the aerodynamics too much. It’s a tricky balance, but Giant clearly reckons it has managed it with the new Rivet.

While it has been focused on aerodynamics, Giant has also developed the new Rivet TT for time trials and triathlons. It was developed in collaboration with aerodynamic experts at the Aero Concept Engineering facility in France, and uses a radius-shaped front section with dimples - also utilised on bicycle wheels be Zipp - located across the front and top of the helmet.

Like the current trend for shorter time trial helmets rather than the traditional long tail designs, the new Rivet TT has a shortened tail which Giant reckons produces minimal drag in real-world conditions when used in a variety of rider positions and with different wind directions.

These new helmets join Giant’s recent introduction of the Rev, a £99.99 performance helmet weighing 265g, and the £64.99 Streak which closely resembles the range-topping Rev with a similar construction and style. 

No UK prices or availability dates have been revealed yet, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. More info at

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