Outboard bearing bottom bracket at a competitive price

Re-printing press releases in their entirety is frowned on round here at road.cc towers but when one comes in marked "for the attention of anyone who's paying attention", and it's for a new Phil Woods bottom bracket we'll make an exception.

So take it away, as it were…

Press Release for the attention of anyone who’s paying attention.

New to market and perfect for the Great British climate is the Phil Wood OBB or Out Board Bearing bottom bracket. The unit is lovingly crafted from stainless steel and polished to within 1/1000th of an inch of its life. The replaceable bearings are high quality (to Phil Wood’s own secret spec) and packed with Phil Wood Waterproof grease (renowned as the best grease in the industry)*. The seals are the same as used on submersible pumps. Not only that, but the centre sleeve is O ring sealed and the unit is compatible with Shimano, RaceFace and FSA cranks. There are engineering plastic sleeves to prevent any nasty metal on metal contact and the whole lot comes to you at just £85.

According to Tim at Sideways Cycles, who will be bringing them in the OBB is aimed primarily at serial bottom bracket munchers, probably commuters and mountain bikers. Having cups made of stainless steel means it isn't a lightweight 220g as it turns out - which probably rules it out if you are racing or running a light weight carbon steed (well if you want to keep it light weight it does).

Aside from being rugged, waterproof and serviceable the other big thing the OBB has going for it is that it's available in a number of different thread patterns  available British (in stock), French, Italian, Swiss, Raleigh Super Corsa and Chater Lea (to order!) also a press fit version for 35mm bb shells. So if you are running something vintage, classic or retro this might well be worth checking out. 

For more information call Sideways Cycles on 01270 883785 or email info [at] sidewayscycles.co.uk

* dunno about you but can't decide whether Phil's special waterproof grease is the sign of someone prepared to go that extra yard or  just hype? I want to believe that Phil's grease is special. 

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