Video: Bell set to release new aero road helmet

Helmet manufacturer offers sneak peek at new helmet coming soon

Some manufacturers love a good sneak peek video to tease us of an upcoming product launch, and the latest comes from helmet manufacturer Bell, with news of their latest helmet model.

They don’t give much away in this video, as you'd expect. We do however know Bell have been busy developing a new aero road helmet, the Belkin pro team have been spotted wearing a yet-to-be-released aero helmet for most of the season. So we've known for some time that something is in the pipeline.


What we can tell though is that the helmet in the video, which we must assume is the finished product, is vastly difference to that prototype aero helmet. The big difference we can see from the video is a subtly different shape and the extra air vents along the side of the helmet compared to the few token vents in the development helmet. And while we can’t certain, it does look like they may have developed an integrated visor option, similar to Giro’s Air Attack.

A bit of rummaging around the internet turned up this photo of a UnitedHealthCare rider at the Amgen Tour of California. It gives us a much better look at what we suspect is the new Bell helmet. You can clearly make out the side vents and the vents in the back half of the top, with a smooth frontal surface area. It has nothing in common with the aero helmet we’ve seen Belkin wearing for much of the season so far.

We'll have more news on this as we get it.

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