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Braking news – SRAM S900 singlespeed carbon brake levers

Considerably lighter than the average lightweight carbon lever

Well, looky here, some SRAM carbon brake levers just turned up, singlepeed carbon levers. Yes I think we can say that Christmas just came early.

Fondling them out the box produced giggles as these S900 levers weigh a meagre 247g (3g heavier than SRAM claim, on our scales anyway) simply because there's not much there. It looks to be a SRAM double-tap lever body with all the geary bits ripped out leaving just a single carbon brake lever and a few internal clampy and springy gubbins.

For anyone that's got about £60 to spend on a handful of bling for their singlespeed road or 'cross bike, or any delusional fixie rider that actually thinks brakes are a good thing, or even if you're running a geared SRAM set-up and for whatever reason don't need a front shifter but want something to match then these could be the shizzle. SRAM are also offering the more blue-collar S500 alloy version for £20 less, but we all know you don't want those do you?

We’ll put these on the test mule and get back to you.

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