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SRAM outlines hydro disc recall replacement plan

Company will provide mechanical disc and caliper brakes to replace recalled hydraulic systems

SRAM will offer customers affected by its recent recall replacement mechanical brakes and levers with the option of receiving the redesigned hydraulic brakes when they're available, or a cheque for €150.  It will also reimburse dealers a ‘fair labour cost’ for doing the work. SRAM aims to have replacement mechanical brakes available by January 15 2014.

The details of SRAM's replacement plan for 38,000 recalled RED and S-700 hydraulic brakes was announced over the weekend. This was due to safety concerns with faulty seals identified at a US cyclo-cross race run in sub-zero temperatures. The company issued the urgent warning for any customers with its new hydraulic disc or brake calipers to stop using their bikes immediately.

RED 22/S-700 HydroR Disc systems will be replaced with Avid BB7 SL disc brakes and Red 22/Force mechanical levers.

RED 22/S-700 HydroR Rim brakes will be replaced with RED 22/S-700 mechanical levers and mechanical calipers. S-700 HydroR Rim brakes swapped for Force mechanical brake levers and calipers.


This affected 19,000 systems, of which SRAM estimates there are about 5,000 bikes with customers. If you’ve recently bought a bike with SRAM’s new hydraulic disc brakes, the best thing is to take it back to the dealer or shop you bought it from. SRAM is also encouraging you to register on the website so they can keep you fully informed. The website is

“This is a particularly tough recall because many consumers bought these bikes with the hydraulic as a primary feature and unlike say a wheel recall, they just can’t pop the quick release, stick another set of wheels on the bike and get back at it,” said SRAM president Stan Day in a video released last week. You can see the video and read his full statement in this article.

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