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Your questions for Alex Dowsett - Drink at Your Desk Friday

Hello everyone. This Friday is Drink at Your Desk Friday on the YouTube and Facebook channels, and we'll be chatting to none other than former hour record holder, Giro stage winner and multiple national time trial champion, Alex Dowsett.

Got any questions for Alex? Stick them in a reply below! We'll get through as many as we can, and neck a beer or two while we do...

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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coachjoebeer | 3 years ago

Hi Alex, I saw your previous hour record from track centre and it looked very very controlled, well until you were let loose. Shoud you plan another attempt, the tech gains since then plus your purported 30+ extra watts, puts you at furthest limits of hour performances. What's it like to be staring at bar 3438m further in an hour?

Plus what's your play list for a quality indoor HIT session?


Good luck,


Joe Beer


PRSboy | 3 years ago

Is Alex still planning to have another crack at the Hour Record this year, after last year's postponement?

Anything in particular he would look to do differently this time? (except go further!)

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