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Worst barrier I've ever seen

Check out Bury Council's imposition of four pieces of RSJ (there are another two at the other side of the viaduct) to keep motorbikes off NCN route 6 in Radcliffe.

Bear in mind that there have always been motorcycles up on that section of the route, for at least 40 years.  Long before the viaduct was restored.  The paths to either side are very tight overgrown chicanes.  You can only just get a regular bicycle through.  Motobility scooter - nope, never going to happen.  Heavy e-bike?  That's going to be a struggle, or impossible for older users.  Trike?  Forget it.

This is all at the behest of the local independent group of councillors called Radcliffe First, whose leader in council argued that "barriers don't stop disabled people".  Clearly Radcliffe First and Bury Council's highways officers don't give a toss about accessibility, or the Equality Act.

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mattw | 3 months ago

The Radcliffe First thread is on Facebook here:

Councillor Mike Smith just can't cope with the idea that these barriers are unlawful, and his Council are required to obey the law.

HLaB | 3 months ago

Ive seen wooden versions of them in the middle of off road bridleways which is bad enough but in your location 

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