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Winter mudguards for Van Rysel EDR AF?

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations if anyone has fitted full guards to this bike? I'm reading all the group test threads, but keen to get the benefit of real experience if it's out there.

I've been riding my Van Rysel EDR AF 105 all summer and  now I'm looking for guards for the winter. I want to keep riding in all weathers in Aberdeenshire so I'd like foot and bike protection -really the fullest guards I can fit. The bike has fork eyelets and rim brake bridge mounts on the carbon fork, but pretty tight brake caliper clearances on the back and no seat stay eyelets. The frame is sized for 28mm tyres and I've currently got Michelin Lithion 3 that measure 27mm at riding pressure.

What do you think the best solution is? Thanks in advance,


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