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Vigilante Cyclists

I had a disconcerting experience today. I was driving behind a cyclist on a mountain bike on the road. He was cycling slowly but all was ok. I waited to pass then overtook giving him room but then there was crossing furniture ahead and I had to turn in a little before I would have liked but not dangerously as I took account of the speed of the cyclist and the other hazards around. I stopped in a queue and he tapped on my window. He told me I'd cut him up dangerously and had it all on his camera. I said I thought I'd been ok and not cut him up but I apologised if he thought I had. His response was to call me a c**t and I was to apologise 'to the fine' when I receive it. I checked my dash cam which was inconclusive so maybe I'll get to see his version one day. The thing was when I thought about it after I now think he was deliberately encouraging a situation where he had to be overtaken and was looking to be cut up or have someone overtake too closely. I'm all for safety and I cycle a lot and am for ever getting cut up etc (six stitches in hand after car door opened on me late last year) but I think we (cyclists) have to be careful not to fuel the bike v car debate by acting in such a way. Today I was a driver and tomorrow a cyclist - we're all in this together and both drivers and cyclists must learn that we all make mistakes (I don't think I did but we shall see) so we mustn't assume that the other party is a c**t just because we're in the other transportation category. He certainly didn't help the cause of the rest of us cyclists by being so abusive. Comments or views?

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