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Tacx Flux S Cassette Installation Problems, HELP!

I've recently bought a Tacx Flux S second hand off ebay. It was a factory replacement that wasn't used and has 12 months warranty and seems to have the multisys free hub attached which should be compatible with the cassette I have purchased I believe.

I purchase a cassette the same one as one my current bike. A Shimano Alivio 9 Speed 11-34T. I've also bought the spacer kit, another lockring from edco, locking tool etc etc, the whole shebang and still can't get this setup.

I have photos if needed. The cassette sits fine on the hub, and it has the flat back, not recessed, so the 1mm spacer should not be used as far as I can tell. But both lock rings I have seem to be the wrong size. They are too wide for the inner part it's supposed to lock too. Can anyone help? I presume I just need to find the right lock ring but can't figure out which I need and can't just keep on buying and buying til I find the right one. Or do I have to purchase the specific Shimano hub for this to work?

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