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Sydney CBD is bringing back pedestrian “beg buttons”



The Active Transport strategy recently released by TfNSW specifically states (on page 12) that key initiatives for metropolitan and urban areas include:

  • prioritising pedestrian movements at key destinations, including prioritising pedestrians at traffic lights


  • upgrading existing paths and streets for better walking and cycling experiences

This begs the question – if a key TfNSW initiative is to prioritise pedestrians in urban areas, and we’re prepared to automatically give pedestrians a green light every cycle during the day when car traffic volumes are highest – why not prevent the confusion and remove/cover the buttons permanently?

Even more perplexingly – we previously had fully automated buttons and they were accepted (if not widely celebrated by pedestrian & cycling advocates), so why go backwards?!

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ktache | 1 year ago

I cannot understand that on a multistage crossing, where you are crossing a one directional road where all the vehicular traffic has already been stopped at a red, and will remain stationary for at least 30 seconds and maybe 45, why a beg button is ever justified let alone necessary.

There should, of course, be an automatic green man.

Now, on the next leg, over the other lane/s, where there could be traffic coming from up to 3 other directions a beg button seems much more reasonable, to integrate it into the pattern.

And on pedestrian/toucan crossings on non junction roads, long delays between beg and allowance only encourages risk taking at the crossing and people not using them. I speak from personal preference and observation.

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