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strange beeping car video

i want to know peoples opinions on this please:


why is he beeping at me?  he looks old from what i can make out via slow mo.

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Captain Badger | 3 years ago
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Didn't like you filtering?

Mungecrundle | 3 years ago
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Only the official reason, to warn another road user of their presence.

But.... 3 men make a tiger as the saying goes. One beep, you think crazy old man, 2 beeps you start to wonder, 3 beeps and maybe you should check for tigers, or your luggage falling off or your bike being on fire or something else you might not have noticed.

If I were the biker and from what I could see in the video, I think I might have used the opportunity of the lorry blocking the entire road to get to the head of the queue and then find myself some clear road space once it had cleared. But if unsure, e.g possibility of lorry having to take a second attempt, always better to stop as the biker did.

brooksby replied to Mungecrundle | 3 years ago

Or stop right in the middle of the lane. Get off, and very ostentatiously check that everything is OK on your bike. Maybe even then go up to them and ask what they were warning you about...

Edit: maybe that would be unnecessarily confrontational?  3

hawkinspeter | 3 years ago

The driver probably got it for Xmas and was proudly beeping his horn to show it off (he probably hadn't even seen that you were there)

Hirsute | 3 years ago

Maybe to warn you about the lorry?

haruto | 3 years ago

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