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Severe migraine and vomiting after rides

Hi Guys, not a nice subject but I'm desperate for a solution to my health problem. I'm 53 and a little overweight. I used to play in a heavy metal band, I would only drink pints of water as I would sweat profusely yet still get these migraines, it was one one of the reasons I stopped playing. I took up walking football, again I would sweat a lot so would drink plenty of water, I would end up with migraines. I have got back into cycling and was going great until once again I'm getting these severe migraines and then end up vomiting.

So far I have checked the following:- Eyesight - all is good with the glasses I wear. Electrolights - I used supplements to make sure I was not sweating these out, no change. Hydration - Well I dring plenty so much so that I end up with a clear stream. Heart - My blood pressure has been a little high agreed but my last "attack" was Monday when my blood pressure showed as normal straight after my 18 mile ride. I was laid up for 8 hours until it passed. I'm under the doctor but I'm not convinced that they will find a solution.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to sort this? All I want to do is ride my bike but the after-effects make this not very appealing.

Thanks in advance.


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