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Poppy rage will eat itself

I’m sorry I didn’t screen shot this before the mods removed it on my local Facebook Page:

Local worthy - we’ll be selling poppies in the village on Saturday
Rager - these people went out and died for us it’s disgusting that you have to go and sell poppies people should give the money anyway
Local worthy - not sure I understand you…
Rager - doubles down 

Anyway, about cars, and something I’ve not heard much raging about - the TLDR here is “how the car stole your Remembrance Day Parade.”  The link is to guidance from the Royal British Legion to its branches:

I don’t know if this 2018 incident, in Studley, is what sparked it:

Several local newspapers covered the story.  It sounds like there was an insurance claim. 

The guidance bans RBL branches from doing any traffic management of their own - everything must be left to the council and police.  The guidance states that a parade is not the actual act of remembrance - but that many places traditionally have had a parade.  

The police can’t be everywhere on Remembrance Day, especially not nowadays.  I guess it will also depend on the siting of the war memorial, being the likely start or end-point of a parade, e.g. some are set in a park, but many are not.  In my little village, I confess to never having attended,  they march from the war memorial to the church - about half a mile along the Main Street.

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