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Operation Park Safe rolled out across Cheshire Constabulary from Feb 1

The trial from Crewe has now been implemented County Wide.

Cheshire residents will now be able to report public illegal parking problems online after a trial project in Crewe was given the green light to be rolled out across the county.

Operation Park Safe is a project which allows members of the public to report parking issues online through the Cheshire Police website.

As part of the scheme, residents can upload videos and photographs of offending vehicles to the website where they will be assessed by an experienced traffic officer, who will triage and deal with any dangerous parking offences.

Any minor traffic obstructions or community impact issues will be allocated to the local PCSO or Beat officers to deal with in an appropriate manner.

The operation was piloted across Crewe LPU in January and will now be rolled out force-wide from Thursday 1 February.

I'm sure it's not everything we want, and there will be potholes in the road, but you know what to do...

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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wtjs | 5 months ago

When the trial period was announced I appealed on here for some Crewe resident to tell us the outcome of a real case (obviously, because I'm expecting the police/ council to ignore them in reality, as opposed to PR), so I'm now repeating the appeal for a 'resident of Cheshire' to show us some real action!

The reason for the scepticism is the wording residents can upload videos and photographs of offending vehicles to the website where they will be assessed by an experienced traffic officer, who will triage and deal with any dangerous parking offences

This is the same as the rubbish written when advertising OpSnap, where your evidence is viewed by a thickhead coming up with tripe like 'wasn't a significant close pass because the cyclist didn't swerve or brake'. Their final fall-back excuse is always 'we were too busy to look at this case', so I'm expecting some Class A weaselling to be exposed on here

hawkinspeter | 5 months ago

A related article on BristolPost:


Powers to ban pavement parking should be extended across England to make streets safer, according to a report published by councils. Wheelchair users, older people and parents with pushchairs are among those put at risk by having to navigate around vehicles mounted on kerbs, a study commissioned by the Local Government Association (LGA) warned.

The investigation found some vehicles cause "a complete obstruction to someone walking or wheeling", meaning they have "no option but to enter the carriageway to continue their journey". Pavement parking can also damage the surface, creating trip hazards and leading to costly repairs, the report by active travel charity Sustrans and disability rights organisation Transport for All added.

The study recommended that pavement parking is banned across England, and urged the Government to "recommit to the principle that the function of the footway is to provide space for walking and wheeling". London is the only area in England where pavement parking is banned.

chrisonabike replied to hawkinspeter | 5 months ago

Good luck to us all. We've "rushed into it" over an extended number of years in Scotland and it's only just started to be enforced (in Edinburgh). It only costs you 50 quid though. Watch this space...

Also this has been illegal for years (driving on the pavement) but legal dodges and complete indifference by the police mean it isn't. I suspect this may be a "after half a century this is starting to be socially unacceptable" kind of change. But we have to start!

David9694 | 5 months ago

Where am I supposed to leave it you tell me. 

You grasses and sntches just want working class people out of their cars there has been no consultation we've been parking on the pavement for generations around here how will fire engines get past what about the disabled and young mothers 

essexian replied to David9694 | 5 months ago

I've said it before, I'll say it again, if you don't have a private, off street parking spot you should not be allowed to own a car.

Cars should not be parked in public without a fee being charged. 

Rendel Harris replied to essexian | 5 months ago

essexian wrote:

I've said it before, I'll say it again, if you don't have a private, off street parking spot you should not be allowed to own a car.

But it's simply unrealistic to believe that could work in the capital of a wealthy developed country...oh, hello Tokyo!

Argos74 replied to David9694 | 5 months ago

You forgot the /s     4

This is pretty good for Cheshire. If they could bring it just a little bit north to Greater Manchester, that would be awesome.

What's the definition of "pedestrian" in terms of width? Looking out my window, I can see 11 parked cars which leave about 18-24 inches width, fine for me*, not so good for a wheelchair user or parent with pushchair.

* if I walk slowly and take care to keep arms / bags / stuff out of the way. I have never run on a partially blocked pavement and wiped out a wing mirror, because that would be mean and wrong. Also one of the Rules, I forget which one.

chrisonabike replied to Argos74 | 5 months ago

Yet again, you can travel side-by-side socially, in comfort in a car. Or 2-by-2 in bus or even 3- abreast in a van - cosy! ) and there is also space to pass similar groups coming the other way. Cyclists - nope. Not infrequently you can't do this as a pedestrian either - even without pavement parking.

"Our streets are too narrow". Nope - we've just reserved the lions' share for the (deliberately - conspicuous consumption?) least efficient mode. Could make 'em one- way...

mattw replied to David9694 | 4 months ago

None of the points you make are an excuse for making life for pedestrians more difficult. "What about disabled people or young mums" is a creative flip - these are the groups most often forced into danger by ASB parkers.

You park in on the carriageway, which is where motor vehicles are supposed to be.

If you can't put it outside, you put it round the corner or elsewhere.

If you need it close - say within 50m - due to disability, then you apply for a Blue Badge using usual procedures for a special parking bay, which are based on not being able to walk 50m.

If there is a requirement for some pabement parking, LHAs can setup an exception.

If the streets become too tight then we rearrange the streets at street or network level.

wtjs replied to mattw | 4 months ago

He was, of course, heavy on the irony!

mattw replied to wtjs | 4 months ago

I must be reacting to David and Lots of Numbers.

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