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older mavic ksyrium or newer axis 2.0 ?

hey guys . need a bit of advice . have 2 wheelsets older mavic ksyrium ssc or newer specialized axis 2.0.
now normally id go for the newer less worn axis but the mavics are considerably lighter (about 350g for the pair roughly on kitchen scale but you can feel the difference by hand)
the hubs on both are smooth . they are both quite true the spokes tension is good .
the only real tell of wear on the mavics is the brake surface which is concave but not to a ridiculous amount tho its noticeable (id say roughly 15 - 20% concave wear ) wheres the axis is not worn at all (roughly 3 - 5% ) . for day to day ..comutting 

(cant see a way to attach some photos.)

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