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Manual for Roads and Bridges - Cycling Requirements

In my continuing exploration of cycle infra docs / standards, I came across the new version of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, issued recently, which includes some very interesting requirements for cycling in the appropriate sub-doc.

The cycling facilities sub doc, CD195 CD 195 - Designing for cycle traffic, is here:

Issue control page:
Latest version deep link:

I know the Manual for Roads and Bridges - it is the big brother of the Manual for Streets, and is likely met by most people when trying to build something out of town who run into the much more demanding visibility splays for their new driveway on a country road, than are usually demanded on streets. I met the stuff when getting PP for a medium sized housing estate off a former A-road.

Is anyone on familiar with this stuff, and how mandatory it is, and how we can leverage this?

The following 2 posts are an example of a very interesting table about required cycletrack widths. (Cycletrack = UK Highways department word for segregated cycleway.)

I very much like eg a requirement that a 2-way cycle track shall be at least 2.5m/3.0m abs. min/desirable width wide 2-way, and 3.5m/4m wide if 2-way with 150+ cyclists at peak hour, and similar. It sounds realistic.

I'm almost believing that there is a subversive cyclist in the bureaucracy planting time bombs for the future.

I think the issue, as ever if I am right, is perhaps that the standards - whilst in this case good - do not *have* to be applied to every project, only if cycling infra is to be created.

But I'm very interested in all and any comments.



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