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Keep ya feet warm Geordie Hinny

Hi after posting a thread about a bad experience,I thought I should write about a good one.In the words of a Geordie folk song."keep ya feet still (warm) Geordie Hinny"

I suffer from cold feet and tried 100s of different ways to keep my feet warm.Had socks from the fan boys site (Rapha) It would be cheaper to buy the merino wool sheep,and take their socks off  3  to Castelli,Endura's baa baas etc etc,some worked to a small degree.Until I was recommended these beauties,mind that's not beauty to look at,no it's how warm they keep my feet.   3 

A little known company but Big in this department for sure.D2D  

I use these and a pair of these over the top.Lusso overboots.My feet have been warm and dry for 2 winters now 


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