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HELP!! Genesis Delta 30 2016


Would be grateful of some advice please 🙌🏻

If anyone has a Genesis Delta 30 complete road bike from 2016 would really appreciate some pictures of headset. I managed to buy a new frame and fork from the 2016 model but has been challenging to find correct headset.

Local bike shop said IS42 top IS52 bottom
Genesis said ZS42 top ZS52 bottom
Now Genesis say it's ZS42 top IS52 bottom

Measurements with calipers
Top 42 ID 46 OD
Bottom 51.8 ID 56.3 OD

Can see pics of headset online from retailers selling it in 2016 but not that clear. The FSA headset listed doesn't seem to exist anymore as it doesn't return anything when googled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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