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Heads Up - Police & Crime Commissioner Elections 2nd May 2024

A heads up - this is important because the PCC is the elected official who holds the police to account and inputs into policy, especially from a "what do the public want" angle.

Therefore they get strategic input into policies around advice to install new barriers, whether barriers are the "solution to motorbikes ASB" or they should do proactive policing.

Also they can push to make ASB pavement parking enforcement a priority, & have an input into PSPOs (eg cycling banned in Mansfield centre). I suggest we need to be asking for example:

1 - What is policy on advising on barriers on new developments?
2 - Policy on existing anti-disabled / anti-cycling barriers on rights of way / permissive paths / greenways etc?
3 - Will you boost Operation Endurance? This is the normal name for addressing motorbike ASB issues.
4 - Will you start or improve Operation Parksafe (to do with pavement parking)?
There are several different versions, of which Cheshire Police & West Midlands Police are probably the best - Cheshire link below. Watch out for existing backfoot or "leave it to the Council" policy passed off as the improved version.
5 - Will you expand use of the Video Upload Portal to cover parking offences (see Cheshire)?
6 - Will you make the Upload Portal be brought in line with National Police Chiefs' Council Recommendations (covers stuff like feedback)?
7 - Do you accept that opening up paths, bridleways, Greenways etc to more use is a good way to reduce ASB by increased surveillance by removing access barriers? Will your policy reflect this?
8 - Will you ask your Local Highways Authority to remove all unlawful barriers from existing PROWs, Multiuse Trails etc?

Now the Tories control 30 out of 39 PCC positions in England (Lab - 8, Plaid 1); in 2021 it was 20 / 14 / 2), so the mix will swing to Labour given current polling. These are low turnout elections so a small number of votes can have more impact. 

Much can be done by asking similar questions of MPs and Local Councillors.

My Motto: Don't do nothing, nor try to do everything. Do SOMETHING.

Links: PCC Elections, Op SNAP Guidelines via DCS Andy Cox, Op Parksafe Cheshire - enforcement via Op SNAP,

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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