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Heads up about Tredz and Specialized -(Allez Elite)

I just wanted to give a heads up about the 2 companies and their shocking attitude.

I bought an Allez Elite last November,I did under 2,000 miles on it,the bottom bracket (a Praxis) fell apart,and the chain rings needed replaced.Tredz said sorry no warranty,(it still hasn't run out yet),as wear and tear.The big ring was hardly used as rode the bike in winter months and apart from a tail wind never used the big ring.The bike has been a pile of crap from new.They sell it as a winter bike,with mudguard eyes,the bike comes with 25mm tyres.I couldn't fit full mudguards as clearance wasn't enough.I asked them about this, and got told to buy  clip on guards? Really,so why put mudguard eyes on it?.I checked the reviews on here,as I always do when wanting new gear/kit.I got the Flinger race pro clip mudguards which are great.So why class it as a winter bike.To have a bill of £190 to replace the bottom bracket and chain rings was totally unexpected.I have ridden for over 45 years and never ever had a bottom bracket fall apart or chain rings wear out in under 2,000 miles.Normally I change tyres,brake blocks,cables,and chain ,long before a bottom bracket.I always had Campagnolo groupsets and have all the tools to do my own maintenance,repairs etc.I was knocked off my bike last year before buying this bike.I suffered x2 fractures to skull,2 bleeds on the brain,among other minor injuries,the hardest injury was my bike was destroyed,hence needing one and buying this after recomendations.After my injuries I thought I would use my LBS,I didn't have the tools for Praxis or shimano stuff,being a Campagnolo man  3  and it would work out cheaper in long run.(That didn't pan out )

I didn't want to go the carbon route after seeing my bike.The good thing was the price was excellent for what I wanted.It rides well and is comfortable,but surely under 2,000 miles you wouldn't expect to be replacing BB and chain rings.I checked my chain and cassette and they are still newish,the chain tool shows chain still as new.So I don't get how it happened.No help from tredz, not even a reply from specialized.I won't be using either ever again.I usually do 10k miles a year and as I say never had BB trouble before.Sorry about long post,just needed it off my chest,and hopefully helps others do their homework on any bike you buy from these people.Stay safe folks and enjoy your bike.

PS not looking for sympathy from accident,as I'm still alive and kicking ,others not been so lucky.Oh and I bought a Merckx Strasbourg 71 gravel/winter bike and it's superb.Already passed 3k miles on it and no failures   3  

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