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Had a collision

Riding home last night, filtered up the left of stationary queuing motor traffic, single lane of one way traffic with parked cars on one side. I think that the car i was passing started moving as I went across in front and my bike and the car were in collision. No injuries, no damage to my bike. But either modern cars are a lot more fragile than I realised or a pannier containing twelve tins of dog food is heavier than you'd think, but the end result was the whole plastic bumper thing coming off the front of the car! Exchanged names and addresses and waiting for a call back now from the Cycling UK incident line to find out what happens next (I'm a member, so have their insurance).

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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brooksby | 3 years ago
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Just thought I'd update everyone on this:  there has been no progress.

If you phone the CUK helpline you get through to Slater & Gordon, who weren't interested as there wasn't actually any personal injury, and they got the CUK insurance company to get in touch.

I filled out a questionnaire, explained the incident again over the phone to them, and then it's been left as "it's on file, and we'll see what happens" and with instructions that I am under no circumstances to interact directly with the other party.

I've had no contact directly from the other party, or from their insurers, or from the CUK insurers since then.


(Mind you, I did see a similar thing happen outside my office window a few weeks ago, with someone's trailer catching a car and pulling the front plastic off.

The blokes in the van towing the trailer got out, popped the bonnet, and it took them about five minutes to put the front of the little old lady's car back on.

Perhaps in my incident, the driver got home, realised they could easily put it back together and decided not to pursue anything further...?)

hawkinspeter replied to brooksby | 3 years ago
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I'd say that no news is good news.

The damage is probably minimal and like you say, the driver probably just popped the bumper back on.

Forget about it and have a good xmas!

hawkinspeter | 3 years ago

Glad you're ok.

zero_trooper | 3 years ago

'Single lane…with cars parked on one side' Parked on the nearside or offside?

'As I went across in front' come on Brooksby, explanation please! 

Glad that you are ok, could have been nasty, even at such low speeds.

brooksby replied to zero_trooper | 3 years ago
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Middle of Clifton village here in Bristol. Just turning right by the Co-op, to go up towards the Mall.

Single lane of traffic; cars parked on the right; the spaces on the left have been land grabbed by a restaurant to help with social distancing.  Cars were all waiting while someone was parking their SUV. I could get past, and went round on the left. Car nearest the one parking so kind of the front of the queue, moved forward (I think) as I passed.

Sounds stupid, but I wasn't even aware that we had collided , but next thing is that whole plastic bumper assembly is on the road and the passenger has got out and is saying, "You've knocked the bumper off!".

I honestly don't know exactly what happened, and wonder if my pannier caught the front of the wheel arch or something? I hadn't realised modern cars were quite so fragile...

It's all very embarrassing. And upsetting, if I'm honest.

Hirsute replied to brooksby | 3 years ago
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Probably a pannier strap. I torn the stitching on one strap years ago going through the middle of 2 stationary lanes. Caught it on a bit of a fire engine!

HoarseMann | 3 years ago

at least you are ok. with any luck the bumper will just need clipping back on.

maybe a pannier full of dog food is quite a good safety device  1

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