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Giant SLR 1 with a clincher/ inner tube?

Hello everyone,
I have a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 and it comes with the Giant SLR 1 42mm wheel: hookless rim, inner rim width 19.4mm; Rim width 23 mm.

According to Giant, the SLR 1 is best for tubeless and Giant has a list of tires that will fit their hookless rim.

Since I mostly ride in the summer and with tubeless you have to replace or add new sealant every 6 months or so, otherwise the tire sticks to the rim, I think a tube/clincher is better for me.

Can I buy the Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless ready (which is on the list) ride with a inner tube/clincher?
What should I pay attention to?

More specifically, I will use the 32mm wide tire and 28mm tube (suitable for 28mm - 32mm tires). Is this width too big for a 23mm rim width?
Is it more suitable if I use the 28mm or 30mm tires?

Thanks in advance!

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Tom_77 | 1 month ago

Schwalbe have a chart for Which Tire Fits Which Rim?


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